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We feel a responsibility to innovate medical and surgical procedures by providing integrated

systems of digital technologies and services.

We feel a responsibility to be part of the healthcare system and to interact with integrity with all
stakeholders to enable optimization of healthcare costs and clinical outcomes.

We feel a responsibility to provide the healthcare workforce with a constantly improving
technology and service offering. Our loyal collaboration with healthcare professionals is aimed at

enhancing the tools available to them for patient care.


We feel the responsibility to ensure the growth of our employees because the success of
MEDICAL-NOTE S.r.l passes through their success. We want a working environment in which

everyone can express their creativity and ideas, without any obstacles.


We feel a responsibility to create a fair profit for our investors. 

MEDICAL-NOTE S.r.l established and sustains an effective Quality Management System based on its commitment to customer satisfaction, continual improvement, compliance with regulatory requirements

Our vision is to be a community of professionals managing data and information in real-time.

Our mission is to digitalize the world of surgery to make it easy and effective for surgeons to access

and use patient information before, during and after surgery.

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The marketing of our software is certified and guaranteed in quality according to ISO 13485:2016 standard

We have implemented and mantain an information security management system which complies with the ISO 27001:2017 standard

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