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Automated algorithms for the clinical study of functional lung analysis

Imbio, now part of 4DMedical, is an American company leader in the field of artificial intelligence applied to medical imaging of computed tomography. MEDICAL-NOTE is the exclusive national distributor of the LTA (Lung Texture Analysis™) and LDA (Lung Density Analysis™) algorithms.

LTA algorithm

 LTA provides visualization and quantification of the lung textures that are key to identifying Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD’s) and other fibrotic conditions

LDA algorithm: quantitative analysis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Functional LDA - (LDAf) - is the only fully-automated image analysis tool providing a complete mapping of normal lung, air-trapping, and areas indicative of emphysema in a combined image to visualize and quantify the components of COPD

Inspiration LDA - LDAi - is a fully automated, lung density-based assessment of areas indicative of emphysema, ground glass and consolidation, taking as input a single inspiratory CT scan of the chest

ClearRead CT™ algorithm by Riverain Technologies

Riverain Technologies is an American leader in clinical artificial intelligence applied to the analysis of lung nodules. MEDICAL-NOTE is the exclusive national distributor for the ClearRead CT algorithm, which allows three different applications: Vessel Suppress, Detect & Compare

ClearRead CT Vessel Suppress produces a secondary series of CT images, suppressing vessels and other normal structures within the lungs to improve conspicuity of all nodule types (solid, sub-solid and ground glass nodules).

The processed series can be easily linked with the original CT series for synchronized scrolling without the need for a separate application viewer.

ClearRead CT Detect leverages the vessel-suppression series to locate, characterize, and report suspected nodules, enabling transparent, precise automatic measurements.

Easily and quickly make informed decisions about regions of interest with automatic detection, segmentation and measurement of nodules.

ClearRead CT Compare extends Detect by automatically matching nodules found in a current exam to the same nodule in a prior exam, enabling efficient visual and volumetric comparisons.

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