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Servizio online di ricostruzione digitale e stampa 3D

REAL-3D is a digital reconstruction and 3D printing service for pre-operative planning.

Through the exclusive portal MY REAL-3D you can request the 3D reconstruction service that best fits your case with just a simple click.

Send us your DICOM datasets and we will return your patient-specific 3D model within 72 hours


​Files developed with REAL-3D feature can be 3D printed, 1:1 scale, to study and simulate the surgical procedure

Our digital technology allows an exact 3D reproduction of CT, MRI, Eco3D scans, showing only the areas of interest

REAL-3D can be used for virtual surgical planning purposes. It offers an improved spatial perception of the anatomical district


Register on the MY REAL-3D in order to create your account

Login to your reserved area

Upload the DICOM folder containing the images to be processed in order to obtain three-dimensional reconstruction (CT, MRI, Echo 3D...) specifying any special requirements and filling in the mandatory fields marked with *

Within 72 hours of receiving the images, the virtual 3D model can be viewed within the portal to enable the surgeon to plan the operation

The surgeon can express to MEDICAL-NOTE the wish to visualise the reconstructed model also intraoperatively. Our engineers will upload the model to the MIC platform in order to fulfil this request

A physical reproduction of the model can also be obtained on request by subjecting the digital file to the 3D printing process


REAL-3D is the perfect service for: 

  • Planning your surgery
  • Minimise surgical errors
  • Receive the best patient's outcome
  • Reduce time in the operating room

Visualise your 3D reconstruction even in the operating room with MIC software

  • Intraoperative use
  • Interactive model consultation
  • Management via voice commands and gestures
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