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Medical Images Console

"Your voice for precision surgery"

In a world where surgery is becoming increasingly complex, MIC turns out to be the perfect ally for the surgeon.

The software has been specifically designed for the intraoperative visualization of patient-specific three-dimensional models. What makes this software unique is its intuitive user interface, allowing the surgeon to navigate through the 3D models using voice commands and gestures. This means that the operator can fully focus on the procedure without interrupting the workflow to manage images, in full respect of the sterile environment.

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The background of the MIC software can be set in dark mode (black), light (white) or in such a way as to take in input the endoscopic video stream. This powerful feature allows you to obtain an AR solution that allows you to manually superimpose the patient-specific 3D model, created by our engineers, to the real anatomy of the patient in an intuitive way, providing a better spatial understanding of the patient’s condition and the areas to be treated, thus improving diagnostic and therapeutic accuracy, reducing the risk of errors and improving overall clinical outcomes

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MIC is a software classified as a medical device according to EU Regulation n. 2017/745 (MDR)

Surgical versatility

Liver Surgery

Thoracic surgery




MIC is a versatile software, suitable for all surgeries and all types of surgery: open, laparoscopic and robotic. It is possible to view the software on a second accessory monitor present in the operating room in the case of open and laparoscopic surgery, while in the case of robotic surgery it is possible to integrate the software inside the robotic console

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