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Point Of Care

Internalising the production of implantable medical devices: 3D printing within your hospital

MEDICAL-NOTE is the official partner of 3DSystems, a leading American manufacturer of 3D printers and printable materials. We can support you in setting up your Point Of Care, also with regulatory consulting services

3D Systems' Figure4

The Figure 4 Standalone printer is a cost-effective and versatile solution for low-volume production and same-day prototyping for rapid design integration and verification, offering speed, quality and accuracy with industrial-grade durability, service and support.

3D Systems' EXT 220 MED

The EXT 220 MED printer, with its filament extrusion technology, enables the printing of implants and instruments using high-performance polymers such as PEEK. It is the only platform with an integrated clean room and temperature controls to enable the production of high-quality devices.

The EXT 220 MED offers fast, reproducible printing for a wide range of applications and is validated by leading hospitals and device manufacturers worldwide.

The ability to print patient-specific instruments and devices on demand and on site is revolutionising healthcare. 

By bringing 3D printing and procedural planning technologies to the Point Of Care (POC), healthcare providers are improving outcomes, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of care. In addition, hospital operations are finding that additive manufacturing can help fill supply chain gaps by enabling the production of necessary medical supplies on demand.

Vantaggi della stampa 3D nei Point Of Care

Increased accuracy

Reduced procedure time

Improved patient communication

Better inventory control

Lower costs

Are you interested in opening a Point Of Care in your hospital?
Contact us through the "Contact Us" section or write to us at, we will be happy to accompany you throughout the process

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