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The future of surgery is here, before your eyes

The RealWear® Navigatorᵀᴹ 500 is a monocular, 100% hands-free headset with camera, microphones and display for real-time sharing of files, images and video streams between two or more operators.

MEDICAL-NOTE | RealWear HMT-1 & CONNECT-NOTE Software for the O.R.



  • 48MP Sensors

  • PDAF with LED flashlightVideo

  • Up to 1080p @ 60fps



  • 4 Digital microphones

  • Accurate voice recognition in noise up to 100 dBA

  • Noise Cancellation



  • High-resolution micro display

  • It fits just below your line of sight and views like a 7” tablet

  • 20° field-of-view 

  • 24-bit color LCD

CONNECT-NOTE is an online platform for Augmented Reality and remote assistance, compatible with the most popular headset on the market.

CONNECT-NOTE supports telemedicine activities; it helps you speed up the process while maintaining focus on your work

  • Navigating documents and diagnostic images in 100% hands-free mode

  • Record videos of the intervention through the headset camera for training courses, dissemination and case study presentations for conferences

  • Visualizing the 3D digital image of the organ

  • Perform surgery through the assistance of Augmented Reality. The remotely connected expert is able to see the surgery in real time and coordinate the surgeon in the field. The integrated CONNECT-NOTE software allows drawing in "freeze" or AR mode so that the operator can immediately see the indications through the display of the headset

The combination of RealWear® Navigatorᵀᴹ 500 & CONNECT-NOTE makes it possible: 

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