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MEDICAL-NOTE announces the Partnership with Lima Italy

MEDICAL-NOTE is proud to announce its latest partnership established with Lima Italy, a global medical device company leader in the Orthopedic market. The object of this collaboration is the OPS (Orthopedic Planning System), an integrated digital system allowing orthopedic surgeons to optimize their surgical planning before entering the Operative Room and, most importantly, to always have it available during each surgical procedure. The goal is to improve patient outcomes and, as our partner always says, restore in them "The Emotion of Motion". Together, we are ready to implement this collaboration in the upcoming years, opening onto new shared areas and projects by promoting quality, innovation, and ever more effective treatments. The first step of this collaboration expects the installation of 30 systems by the end of 2021. #MedicalNote #LimaCorporate #Partnership #DigitalHealth #DigitalFuture #OrthopedicPlanningSystem #Orthopedics

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