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Automated tools to maximize CT output for clinical use

Lung Density Analysis™ (LDA) & Lung Texture Analysis™ (LTA)


Lung Density Analysis

LDA is available for both functional (LDAf) and inspiration purposes (LDAi).

Lung Density Analysis™- Functional is the only fully-automated image analysis tool providing a complete mapping of normal lung, air-trapping and areas of persistent low density in a combined image to help visualize the components of COPD.

Lung Density Analysis™ - Inspiration is a fully-automated assessment of areas indicative of emphysema in <5 minutes, based on a single inspiratory chest CT.

LDAf Imbio
LDAf example by Imbio
LDAi example by Imbio

LTA provides visualization and quantification of the lung textures that are key to identifying Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD’s) and other fibrotic conditions such as normal, ground glass, reticular, honeycomb, and hyperlucent.

Lung Texture Analysis provides an intuitive texture overlay on the patient scan to highlight abnormalities and includes a detailed physician report of each patient analysis.

Lung Texture Analysis

LTA Imbio.png
LTA example by Imbio
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