Digital reconstruction and 3D printing online service


What is REAL-3D?

REAL-3D is an online digital reconstruction and 3D printing service for preoperative planning purposes.

Through the MY REAL-3D exclusive portal, it is possible to request the 3D service that best fits your case

with a simple click.

Just upload your files. Let us take care of the rest.

REAL-3D ricostruzione 3D.png


Our digital technology allows an exact 3D reproduction of CT, MRI, Eco3D scans, showing only the areas of interest



REAL-3D can be used for virtual surgical planning purposes. It offers an improved spatial perception of the anatomical district



Files developed with REAL-3D feature can be 3D printed, 1:1 scale, to study and simulate the surgical procedure

MEDICAL-NOTE | REAL 3D Digital 3D reconstructions and 3D prints

REAL-3D is the perfect service to:​​

  • Plan your surgery in detail

  • Minimize surgical errors

  • Receive the best patient's outcome

  • Reduce O.R. time

Real 3D liver digital reconstruction

Visualize your 3D image and experience Augmented Reality thanks to our CONNECT-NOTE software

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