MEDICAL-NOTE | REAL 3D CT, MRI scans to digital 3D reconstructions


Digital reconstruction and 3D printing service


What is Real 3D?

REAL3D is a digital reconstruction and 3D printing service for preoperative planning purposes.

Through the REAL3D feature, soon available on our apps, it is possible to request the 3D service that best fits your case with a simple click.


Our digital technology allows an exact 3D reproduction of CT, MRI, Eco3D scans, showing only the areas of interest



It allows accurate measurements, even for complex cases (blood vessels, lesions, etc.). REAL3D can be used for virtual surgical planning purposes


Files developed with REAL3D feature can be 3D printed, 1:1 scale, to study and simulate the surgical procedure

MEDICAL-NOTE | REAL 3D Digital 3D reconstructions and 3D prints
MEDICAL-NOTE | REAL 3D Digital reconstructions from CT/MRI scans

  • Plan your surgery in detail

  • Minimize surgical errors

  • Receive the best patient's outcome

REAL3D is the perfect service to:​​

Experience REAL3D with Augmented Reality on RealWear® HMT-1 headset for the O.R.

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