Enhanced, multidisciplinary system for surgical planning


How does it work?

Our free apps are integrated into a multidisciplinary system for preoperatory planning purposes, named ESP (Enhanced Surgical Planning).

Through our software and apps, you can request a 3D organ reconstruction of your case, and take it with you in the O.R. thanks to our 100% hands-free hardware.

ESP is the best solution for those who would like to employ our main services through a single package, consisting of our apps, the RealWear headset, our CONNECT-NOTE platform for remote collaboration, and 3D segmentation for surgical planning.


Apps and software


  • Free for mobile and desktop

  • 3D standard model of the organ

  • Database for data gathering and statistical compilations


Digital reconstructions and 3D prints

  • 3D, digital reconstructions

  • Accurate measurements

  • Useful for preoperative planning

Wearable headset & CONNECT-NOTE

  • Perfect for the O.R.

  • For assisted surgical procedures in Augmented Reality

  • 100% hands-free mode


With ESP, you can:

  • Collect data with our apps

  • Study each case in detail thanks to our REAL3D service

  • Visualize your 3D reconstruction while in the O.R., thanks to RealWear's 100% hands-free headset


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