LIVER-NOTE a small app with great performance

Liver-Note Features

LIVER-NOTE improves and simplifies health care professionals' daily tasks.

The principle feature is note-taking on a 3D model of the liver, to better study the complex clinical case that you are facing.

The storage space, and data management and sharing features make liver note a complete, multipurpose app, with a very userfriendly experience.

LIVER-NOTE streamlines your professional presentations.

LIVER-NOTE is an essential tool that allows you to:

Take notes on an interactive 3D model of the liver.
Improve the planning of your surgical procedures.
Store data on a safe and protected cloud.
Share data with your team and colleagues.
Clarify doctor-patient dialogue for informed consents.
Create and manage a smart, digital patient archive.
Access data anywhere, anytime.
Build and elaborate statistics.
Make effective presentations for congresses.

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